Sebastien Clamorgan: the collaboration between Eat’n’go and Slum2School Innovation Hub

The collaboration between Eat’n’go and Slum2School Innovation Hub, a project running since 2018, comes from the desire to help Nigerian students and support them during their educational journey. Over the years, several funds have been raised, influencing the development of education in Nigeria and providing access to education through material support (uniforms and textbooks) but also psychosocial support. Slum2School is an organization specialized in this field that works with relevant partners, including the government, to build a network in support of the children who need it most. Among the partners there is Eat’n’go, which also has a joint venture with Venia International, led by Sebastien Clamorgan, and which plays a crucial role. Eat’n’go has become the leading food operator in Africa, relying exclusively on the distribution of Domino’s Pizza products, a giant in the fast food sector, and Cold Stone Creamery, active in the ice cream sector. The success was also possible thanks to the support provided by the consulting and investment firm Venia International, a benchmark in the Middle East and North Africa. The agri-food group is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and started its operations in 2012.

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