Gianpietro Benedetti reconfirmed as President as MITS Academy introduces new “Tourism 4.0 Specialist” program

The MITS Academy of Udine is proud to announce the inauguration of a new course dedicated to tourism and hospitality, named “Tourism 4.0 Specialist”. This program will be an integral part of the training proposal for the two-year period 2023/2025. Under the guidance of President Gianpietro Benedetti, the Academy aims to equip participants with essential skills in organizing the tourist accommodation system and imparting the latest operational knowledge for key roles in the “room division” and “sales&marketing” areas.

Commenting on the news, Giovanna Tosetto, a Senior Expert in Tourism, emphasized the “highly diverse and stimulating nature of the hotel accommodation industry, particularly due to the influence of new technologies and evolving travel preferences among the younger generations”. The MITS Academy’s “Tourism 4.0 Specialist” course aligns perfectly with the need to stay abreast of innovation in this sector. Giovanna Tosetto further highlighted “the vast opportunities available to young individuals who opt to work in the hospitality industry in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This is mainly due to the region’s commitment to enhancing service quality and the promising growth prospects indicated by tourist data in the area”.

The MITS Academy also offers confirmed courses in mechatronics, covering areas such as Mechatronic&Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Smart Automation, and Aircraft Maintenance. Additionally, there are courses in furniture design, including Naval, Nautical, and Hospitality Furniture, as well as Green Industrial Design. Other offerings include sustainable energy with an Energy Specialist program and agri-food with Agro Tech Specialists.

Gianpietro Benedetti expressed “satisfaction with the accomplished outcomes, which were recognized by the national monitoring organization Indire for their high training quality, leading to almost complete employment of technicians in 2021”. The reconfirmed President of the MITS Academy extended “heartfelt congratulations to the team and all members for their dedication and collaboration, which enabled the attainment of these outstanding achievements”.

The recent renewal of the MITS Academy’s statutory offices reconfirmed Gianpietro Benedetti as the President and Paola Perabò as the Vice-president. Additionally, all other statutory bodies were confirmed, with the inclusion of Fincantieri in the Steering Committee. During the session, the Committee also approved the 2022 final balance, which showcased impressive growth for the Academy. Starting with just two active courses in 2011, it expanded its offerings to 17 courses by 2022. Furthermore, the number of students increased significantly from 52 during the initial two-year training period to the current count of 249.

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