Sacrilege arrives in Milan, thanks to Beatrice Trussardi

New astonishing cooperation at Nicola Trussardi Foundation, art foundation led by Beatrice Trussardi since 2003. The Italian cultural entrepreneuse has brought the installation Sacrilege to Milan for its 23th edition of MiArt and Milan Art Week. This inflatable installation reproducing the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge was created by UK artist Jeremy Deller, awarded in 2004 with the Turner Prize. His exhibitions were hosted in some of the most important museums in the world, such as Tate Gallery in London, MCA – Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Hirshhorn Museum in Washington and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
This work of art, already exhibited in Sydney, Madrid, Paris and Hong Kong, finally reaches Italy thanks to Beatrice Trussardi and Nicola Trussardi Foundation’s Art Director Massimiliano Gioni. This installation was created for the Glasgow International Visual Arts Festival in the first place, got displayed in London during the Olympic games in 2012 and has now become a global icon of contemporary art. Declared in 1986 as World Heritage by UNESCO, the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge is represented in inflatable form by this installation, which transforms it in a children toy: made out of plastic, it turns out to be a carnival attraction whose diameter is 35 meters wide. Therefore, the audience is invited to interact with it, playing and jumping on it, consequently showing together both the celebratory and profane approach, as the title Sacrilege suggests, giving the chance to reflect on how history and national identity are sometimes underrated and put at the centre of political manipulations, as the current news sadly report.
Sacrilege is, in fact, part of a project Beatrice Trussardi started fifteen years ago, which gave her Foundation an itinerant identity, giving space to a new way of experiencing art, promoting hidden, forgotten and symbolic places all around the city of Milan.
Created by the artist already defined as “Pied Piper of popular culture”, as well as “instigator of social interventions”, Sacrilege will be exhibited April 12th – 15th in CityLife sculptures park that already hosts ArtLine works.

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