S&P recognizes Terna as one of the world’s 100 companies promoting inclusion and gender equality

Terna, the Italian National Transmission Grid, has recently been recognized as one of the world’s most inclusive companies, promoting the achievement of gender equality. The recognition came with the Standard & Poor’s Gender Equality & Inclusion Index, the international ranking measuring the performance of companies in terms of gender equality and inclusion. The Index lists the top 100 companies world-wide with the highest results on the S&P Global Gender Diversity Score.
Other than Terna, there are only other four Italian companies on the list. The business led by Stefano Donnarumma got excellent results, especially in the analysis of its “Board Diversity Policy” and “Board Gender Policy”, both concerning the management of diversity within the Board of Directors. The company also performed highly in the categories “Workforce Gender Breakdown” and “Gender Pay Indicators”, with the first one measuring the number of women in the company’s workforce and the latter regarding equal pay across the genders. Terna’s recognition by S&P only highlights the company’s full commitment to the promotion of gender equality among its employees. The Italian transmission grid operator puts into practice several concrete measures in this respect, such as the adoption of a Group “Diversity and Inclusion” policy which requires the company to actively pursue inclusion and gender equality, and the launch of projects specifically aimed at promoting female talent and leadership.
The inclusion of Terna in the Standard & Poor’s Gender Equality & Inclusion Index represents yet another confirmation of the company’s leadership in the field of ESG, as proved by the presence of the Group on leading global ESG indices and the most important international rankings. Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Stoxx Global ESG Leaders are just to name a few.

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