Stefano Donnarumma: Terna’s sustainable vision to 2030

As recently announced by CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma, Terna is committed to a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030: this is the target set by the company that manages the Italian electricity transmission grid, and the largest independent electricity TSO (transmission system operator) in Europe.
In line with the its sustainability strategy, the Group has recently launched a CO2 reduction plan which aims to cut its CO2 emissions by 30% compared to levels in 2019. This would amount to about 460,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide less in the atmosphere per year. “We have already started working on all production and organisational factors”, said CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma, “in order to achieve this ambitious goal by 2030 and to make our contribution to the global challenge aimed at containing the climate emergency”. The objective, as pointed out by the CEO, is thus “to cut emissions by 30%, and even more if possible. With our science-based target we have made a promise to the planet: we will keep it”.
With a concrete commitment to transition to low-carbon economy, the Group has indeed adopted an SBT (science-based target) to drive sustainable growth and boost innovation. This initiative concerns several actions to be implemented, such as: investing in the development of the electricity grid and in the full integration of renewable energy sources; increasing the efficiency of electricity and energy consumption; reducing grid losses; containing leaks of climate-changing gases. Furthermore, the Group is actively committed to reducing emissions from the company fleet and those related to employee mobility, as well as to promoting environmental protection and enhancement projects, such as tree planting programmes in collaboration with AzzeroCO2.
As has been emphasised by CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma on many occasions, sustainability and energy transition are among the most important challenges facing our country in the coming years. Terna is ready to play its part: with 8.9 billion euros in investments (2021-2025 Business Plan), of which 95% are considered sustainable according to the EU Taxonomy Regulation, the Group aims at integrating non-programmable renewable sources in order to develop and modernise the Italian electricity grid.

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