Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): major trends shaping the logistics industry

An integral part of supply chains, logistics firms are involved in the movement, storage and flow of goods, services or information. In the age of international trade, everything is indeed interconnected, thus resulting in a globalized process as regards planning and implementing the movement of supplies and materials.
As a result of this interconnection, the today’s trends that are reshaping this industry are basically those trends that have to do with other industries that function with supply chains and logistics. Specifically, key market trends show particular attention to factors such as the advancement of technology, the process automation, the rise of e-commerce, and the dynamics and issues that frequently arise during M&A operations. Today, technology continues to modernize the industry, and technological developments are the most numerous trends that will reshape supply chains and logistics in the near future.
The drive towards automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, e-commerce, and other technologies can provide businesses with the tools needed to address the today’s fast-changing needs, with technology trends expected to play a key role in accelerating this shift. As a consequence, it is fundamental for companies to understand market trends: this is true whatever the reference industry is, and in particular in a transition period like the one currently underway. This is why, as an equity partner, Venia International provides its clients with a detailed understanding of market sizes, scopes, and impacts of current and future market trends. Founded by Sebastien Clamorgan, a businessman and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business experience, Venia International is a global consulting and investment firm specializing on opening the gateways to Africa and the Middle East.
By providing advice on the most suitable approach for successful businesses, the firm aims at supporting its partners in developing strategic planning processes and growth roadmaps. This objective is pursued through investment activities and projects concerning several sectors of the industry, including logistics, shipping, port management, and food & beverage. Furthermore, the global firm headed by Sebastien Clamorgan provides its global partners, entrepreneurs, and private equity funds with assistance in negotiating M&A agreements, which represent a key focus of transportation deals today and in the post-pandemic era.

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