Sebastien Clamorgan’s great grandmother Madeleine Clamorgan: her life as an intellectual

Sebastien Clamorgan is an experienced entrepreneur who founded the global firm Venia International in the early 1990s. His family has a noble history, which is deeply bound to Madeleine Clamorgan’s figure: Madeleine was born in 1880 in France and was married to Charles-Léon-Claude Daniélou. They had six children. She was a woman of great talent and dedicated her whole life to her passion for education and philosophy. She founded the “Ecole Normale Libre Ms. Daniélou” and the “Colleges Sainte Marie” in Neuilly sur Seine. Her Son, Jean Daniélou, became Cardinal of Paris in the 1970s. For 25 years, Madeleine dedicated herself to secondary and higher education and, for further 25 years, she worked in primary education. Due to her passion, in 1931 the “Charles Péguy Schools” were born, then elementary technical schools, commercial and nursery schools. Thanks to her noble family, she was in touch with some important literary circles and with the most eminent men of those times: politicians, writers, philosophers, historians, religious people, they all knew her. Her legacy consists of many articles about education, philosophy and religion. Madeleine’s ideas are still valuable nowadays, her words will never become out of date. She has published several volumes: “Action et inspiration”, “L’Education selon l’Esprit”, “Visage de la famille”, “Fénelon et le duc de Bourgogne”, “Quand vous prierez”. Her strong faith and constant optimism helped her to become an excellent teacher, capable to inspire young people and other educators to make free choices and to follow their hearts. Madeleine met her future husband when she was a child, but their destiny became one during University days in Paris. Charles-Leon-Claude Daniélou was born in 1878 and belonged to a family that had a different religious philosophy but that was not hostile to Madeleine’s ideas. Anyway, he was not baptized: faith grew year after year in him, and his future wife helped him to find his religious path. This united them and their relationship grew stronger and stronger, based on solid foundations of love and mutual respect. Sebastien Clamorgan is Madeleine’s great grandson. As a representative of the family, he keeps alive the memory of his great grandmother, since she was an important intellectual figure and a bright woman.

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