Sebastien Clamorgan: the birth of a noble family

Sebastien Clamorgan is an experienced entrepreneur. He founded the global investment firm Venia International in the late 90s. His family stands out for its noble lineage, which begins from the same origin of the word “Clamorgan”.
The Gaelic motto “GWLADMORGAWN” probably comes from the word “glamour”, which represents something appealing, charming, and “Gan”, which means to rejoice. This name would have been given to a companion of William the Conqueror in 1066, who received a territory in the region of England called “Wales”; this territory was called “Glamorganshire”.
The Dictionary of French Nobility by Sèreville et Saint-Simon (1975) reports that the Clamorgan family is “of ancient lineage, whose nobility is ascertained since 1463“. Something very similar is reported in the “Cahiers nobles” No. 18. This kind of nobility of ancient extraction is considered more estimated than a royal ennoblement.
In addition to these documents, we know that in 1463, during the “Recherche nobiliaire de Montfault”, there were 429 nobles in Cotentin: among these nobles, only 15 bore the title of “knight” and had the right to be called “Messire”. One of these was Thomas de Clamorgan. The same source reports other two different nobles in 1463 with this family name: Guillaume de Clamorgan and Etienne de Clamorgan.
Another genealogy from 1523 mentions three Clamorgan brothers: Guillaume, Jean, and Girard (Revue de la Hanche, 10, p, 209).
These are the premises that led to the birth of the noble family Clamorgan, a dynasty which is still alive and is now only represented by Sebastien Clamorgan and his family.

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