Anna Tavano: decarbonization and sustainability at the heart of the economic recovery, this is the commitment of HSBC

Besides being an important growth opportunity for our country, sustainability can now play a key role also in the recovery after Covid-19. Anna Tavano, Head of Global Banking for HSBC Italy, has always recognized the effectiveness of sustainable approach, also in the financial field. And today the financial Group she works with is looking in the same direction, as proven by the various initiatives promoted in this regard. It is no coincidence that HSBC has recently helped Egypt to enter the green bond market with the issuance of the first sovereign green bond: a history-making event, as this is the first green issuance in the MENA region by a country.
HSBC’s pioneering approach to sustainable finance is an expression of the avant-garde spirit that always marked the growth of the Group. This approach also shows HSBC’s constant commitment in promoting innovation by supporting projects in this field, such as in the occasion of the first two hybrid bond issues launched by Eni. The hybrid bond transaction, as pointed out in a statement, “is the biggest hybrid bond placement ever issued by an Italian corporate”.
Supported by a committee of several financial institutions, this issuance is composed of two tranches for a total of 3 billion euros, and aims to strengthen the implementation of Eni’s decarbonization strategic plan within 2050. Therefore, also in this case the target is sustainability and, in particular, the reduction of the carbon footprint, two goals which HSBC is strongly committed to. And it is not by chance that, last October, the Group Anna Tavano works with has implemented an ambitious plan to put sustainability at the center of finance and investments, with the aim of supporting the global transition to a zero-emission economy. In this perspective, HSBC plans to invest between 750 and 1,000 billion dollars in financing and investments within the next ten years, making these resources available to clients in all sectors who are committed to achieving the decarbonization targets defined in 2015 in the Paris Agreement.
The integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into financing and investments decision making processes can provide a significant contribution to the relaunch of a global economy that will be more flourishing, sustainable and inclusive. The path taken by the financial institution is characterized by such awareness, a value shared also by the Head of Global Banking for HSBC Italy Anna Tavano. As stated last January during an interview for TgCom24, when she had the opportunity to retrace her career, the manager said she accepted HSBC’s job offer because she “really liked the project, as well as the culture and values”. These words are confirmed still today by the value that HSBC recognizes to sustainable finance and by its commitment in this regard.

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