Keeping up with innovation: Vittorio Massone’s insight into the delay of Italian companies towards the digital revolution

Vittorio Massone, specialist in digital strategies and strategic consultancy, addresses the issue of the digital revolution in the light of the Italian situation: are companies in Italy in step with the times dictated by the advent of digital transformation?
According to the manager, the entrepreneurial system in Italy suffers a delay in investments in technology and R&D, fundamental elements for making the best of the digital revolution. The latter, he writes, is experiencing a new debut which will bring substantial changes in all sectors of economy within the next twenty years. This evolution will touch the minimum scale that is the fundamental critical mass for a company to remain competitive. And in this sense, the expert states, primary value will be assumed by all the strategic factors related to the cost structure such as investments in R&D, in technology and in the control of patents and data. A company with a structured investment plan in those sectors will succeed in being attractive in the capital market and win in the end markets.
The current Vice President of Alkemy, a company specialized in the evolution of business models of large and medium-sized companies, analysed then the specific situation of the Italian context, for which, Vittorio Massone writes, the trend regarding investments and use of resources in these areas is not encouraging. In concrete terms, few, very few Italian companies – in the unregulated sectors – have the scale necessary to be protagonists of this digital revolution which in the next twenty years will be the fundamental paradigm for being competitive in the market. To fill this gap, the rate of innovation of the product and all the services connected to it that define the customer experience will have to undergo an important acceleration. So how do we keep up with the times? The expert in digital transformation projects suggests that innovation should be a guiding value in the production processes, as well as in the management of the distribution chain and operations, in order to be able to reap the benefits of this digital revolution and contextually improve the level of service to customer and reduce cost-to-serve.

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